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The Torah is the most precious article in Jewish life. In times of need, prayers are offered in its presence and its timeless lessons have carried us through our 3,300 year history. 


A highly trained scribe in Israel has been commissioned to hand-write a Torah for our community. This is the first time in our city's history that a Torah will be written from beginning to end with our community in mind. \


A ceremony will be held on December 11, with a scribe who will begin this year-long process by putting quill to parchment, to write the initial letters of the Seldon and Eva Mars Torah, dedicated by their children and grandchildren. 



(Honor/Memory of)

  $18 -- Letter               
Endow a letter in the Torah


  $72 — Word                 
Endow a word in the Torah  


 $180 -- Verse              
Endow a verse/s that has a special meaning to your and/or a loved one.

  $613 -- Aliya            
Endow an Aliya that has a special meaning to your and/or a loved one.

 $1,080 -- Parsha           
Endow an entire Torah Portion/s. Bar/Bat Mitzvah, wedding anniversary, or Yahrtzeit portion.


$3,600 — Sefer        
Endow a complete book of the Five Books of the Torah. 5 Available

  $770 Special Portions
Dedicate a special portion in the torah. Choose from the list on the right.


$1,800 — Yad 
Dedicate the silver pointer that is used during the Torah Reading. Yad will be engraved with donor dedication.

$3,600 --  Torah Covers 
Reserved-Mars Family
Dedicate the Torah Cover; Two available: Year Round and High Holdiay. Covers will be embroidered with donor's name and dedication.



$10,000 — New Ark
Dedicate a new beautiful wood ark to house the Mars community Torah. Special dedication embroidered on the elegant curtain.

$5,400 — Etz Chayim 
Reserved-Mars family
Dedicate the  handles of the Torah. Etz Chayim will be engraved with dedication and sponsor name. 

$5,400 - Silver Crown
Dedicate the silver crown.It will be engraved with dedication and sponsor name.


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Checks Payable to Chabad of SCV
23120 Lyons Ave. #19. Newhall, CA 91321