Silent Auction for Yom Kippur Honors
and Break Fast Sponsorship

(significance of honors detailed below)

All honors can be purchased in honor of somebody else, even if you may not be attending the Services.

None of the honors require Hebrew reading. The Rabbi will personally guide you with the honor.

These Kibbudim (honors) have great Segulot powers for blessing and success in all areas of life.

We will update the highest bids every few days. To bid other amounts please email [email protected] with the honor and amount.

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We will notify you by phone or email before the holiday if your bid is the highest.

Thank you.

Rabbi Choni Marozov

2023 Yom Kippur Honors

Honor Minimum Bid Current Bid Your Bid
Open the Ark Kol Nidrei $180 $180 
Hold the 1st Torah for
Kol Nidrei
$360 $360

Hold the 2nd Torah for
Kol Nidrei

$250 $250
Hold 3rd Torah for KN $250 $250
Aliya (3available) $180 $180
Maftir Yonah
(Biggest Honor)
$500 $3600
Open Ark for Neila $500 $1,000
CoSponsor Break Fast $180 and up

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Kol Nidrei

1) Opening of the Ark.
It is very meritorious for one to open the Ark, and take out the Torah-scrolls to be held during Kol Nidrei. While removing the Sifrei Torah one should kiss and caress them while confessing his sins
Opening the Ark, especially the first one, funnels through the blessings of G‑d.

2) Holding the Torah Scrolls
It is taught: It is a source of merit to hold any of the scrolls during Kol Nidrei and is a very great privilege (Ari Z"L).
This honor stands you right next to the cantor installing you as a member of the ecclesiastical court, which annuls all unfulfilled vows, thereby, dispensing forgiveness to the Jewish community.

3. Maftir Yonah
This is the most important Aliyah of the day, as well as the last. Tradition tells us that buying this honor is a special segulah for wealth. In communities the world over this merit is bought for thousands of dollars. Remember, you reap what you sow. There can be no better investment than this.

4. Neilah – "The Closing Prayer"
This is the final Ark opening of Yom Kippur. Suffice it to say, this is truly the end – the chatimah – of our service and petition to G‑d. This is your final chance, before the "Gates of Heaven" close ("Neilah").
With this honor you are the "gatekeeper" for our final supplications. Tradition tells us that the one who merits opening the Ark for Neilah will be blessed with long life!

5. Break the Fast
Sponsor the Yom Kippur Break Fast to bring joy to the many Jews who have been fasting all day.

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